LED profiles
and plasterboard solutions

The creations born in our workshop are the fruit of an idea we want to build together with you.

Profiles for Light Cuts

Plaster light cut-out profiles create an indirect lighting effect. They are recessed into the surface and together with the plasterboard, create a single body with the rest of the ceiling. They can also be curved, with a variable radius, and with the light directed outwards or inwards.

Our Method

In our workshop, we use a method other than casting in moulds. This allows us to create special and unique plaster profile shapes with an excellent finish in the details.

This method is a bit of our strength because we can satisfy every need or request with it.

Collaboration and Assembly

DM Plaster Designer also collaborates with other established companies in this field, who have a great deal of experience in plasterboard and stucco work. 

Together we can create and restore a new aesthetic to modern, classic or historical spaces.

Straight, curved, broken.

A line can exist in many different ways,
but the best and timeless solutions
can be found in the simplicity of ideas.





Wood Effect

Wall Lights